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Eric Chappell, CMPE

Vice President of Operations

Eric Chappell, CMPE is a dedicated leader with a passion for advancing healthcare delivery, driving operational efficiencies while improving patient outcomes. With a career marked by a relentless pursuit of operational excellence and enhanced patient outcomes, Eric's impact reverberates across the healthcare landscape.

Currently serving as the Vice President for Summit Medical Consultants, Eric directs his unwavering focus towards fostering a culture of excellence within his operations team. Central to his mission is the enhancement of communication both internally, ensuring seamless collaboration, and externally, fostering robust partnerships with community partners and patients.

When not working, Eric loves to spend time with his family and friends and traveling near a beach or on the ocean. As a sixth generation Colorado Native, he enjoys all that this great state has to offer, including his weekly golf game with his father. Eric also serves on the Colorado Medical Group Management Board helping train the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Eric Chappell, CMPE
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