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Skilled Nursing Care

Taking the pulse of an older patient

Skilled Nursing Facilities provide medical and personal care for individuals who are injured, sick, or disabled. A variety of services are available at skilled facilities with an emphasis on returning the patient to their previous, or better, quality of life than they had prior to admission. Many patients in SNF are admitted after surgery to aid in their recovery and rehabilitation. Therapies are an essential piece of this rehab and the medical team will work with case management, therapies, and social workers to optimize the patient’s time in the facility.


SNFs are capable of providing quality medical care for patients with a variety of conditions including acute medical conditions and illnesses, general rehabilitation and care from extended illnesses or postoperatively following surgeries, general wound care, Parkinson’s care, management of dementia and chronic illnesses, stroke recovery, and more. Skilled Nursing Facilities also provide round-the-clock nursing care with close supervision, medication administration, and assistance with activities of daily living.


Summit Medical Consultants team of physicians and nurse practitioners can provide excellent quality care to you or your loved one in need of skilled nursing care by managing your medical care and working with the facility to optimize your recovery.

To learn more about our Skilled Nursing Care services and
how we can help, please call 720-644-9355.

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