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Abdel Marques, MD

Abdel Marques M.D. is a first generation Cuban-American born and raised in Miami, Florida, and comes from a background of physicians in Cuba. He pursued a career in Internal Medicine, graduated from the University of Florida and subsequently participated in the Teach for America Corp program in Atlanta, Georgia, prior to attending New York Medical College.

He completed his residency at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago with some of the brightest minds in medicine. Despite interest in several specialty fields, he truly sees himself as a jack-of-all trades and considers this fundamental for being a good Internist.

After residency, Dr. Marques began in the field of outpatient clinic medicine prior to transitioning to the Long Term Care arena. Being a first generation immigrant, the treatment of marginalized populations which became so evident during the pandemic became a priority for him. He feels it is important to speak for the geriatric community who is silently marginalized here in the U.S. Building relationships and providing gold standard medicine by applying the academic training provided to him fulfills him as a physician and a human being.

He looks forward to continuing to make the small part of the world he lives in better for every patient and family he cares for.

Abdel Marques, MD
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