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Jill Inagaki, DO

I am a Colorado native. I was fortunate to complete all my training in Colorado, which was great because I have a large family here and love my home state. I have 2 young children, a boy and girl, who keep me and my husband active and busy. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a physician, but I didn’t follow the typical path to medicine.
Initially, I detoured into the financial field, where I developed a passion for helping others. After some personal medical issues, I was motivated to pursue a career in medicine and returned to that path and earned my medical degree at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. My time as a patient taught me humility and compassion and provided me with a greater understanding of the patient experience. It has also helped me understand the importance of partnering with patients.
I trained as a family medicine physician at St. Anthony North Family Medicine Residency. Then I spent my early career in the primary care setting. I was drawn to family medicine because I wanted to treat patients of every age and complexity. I have a strong passion for serving patient populations that are marginalized and underserved. I will see patients of all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I enjoy learning from my patients and find it important to partner with them to manage their health. I believe that everyone deserves access to good health care, and I strive to provide it.
I thrive by spending time with my family and by being a good mom to my children. I strive for balance between my love of medicine and caring for patients and my ability to maintain a happy and healthy home life.

Jill Inagaki, DO
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