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Leto Quarles, MD

Leto Quarles MD is a visionary Family and Community Medicine Physician leader, clinician, and advocate for patients. She has a passion for transforming both individual lives and healthcare systems. Beyond medical school (MD from Ross University School of Medicine) and standard residency training (University of Illinois College of Medicine), her educational journey includes an additional post-graduate Fellowship at the University of Utah, and over 25 years clinical experience.
Prior to joining Summit Medical Consultants, "Dr Q" (as her patients often call her) served as the Physician CEO of a small innovative private practice pioneering alternative healthcare business models to better improve health outcomes and quality of life for individuals with complex health needs and social barriers to accessing care. She concurrently contracted services for the Colorado state prison infirmary where she sought to ensure better access to timely and quality care for some of the state's most vulnerable patients, while overseeing complex medical care for incarcerated individuals.
Dr Quarles's extensive career includes positions with hospitals, private practice, urgent care, community health clinics, and humanitarian work on four continents. She has a rich history of community service, advocacy, humanitarian work, and academic engagement, earning numerous awards and honors for her dedication to healthcare innovation and equity. Dr. Quarles's global health experience, cultural fluency, and commitment to whole-systems approaches make her a respected leader in healthcare transformation.
On a personal level, Dr Quarles has chosen to focus her career on post-acute care after her own life partner endured a life-changing critical illness, coming home after 5 months in intensive care and rebuilding wellness and independence now living with new chronic health conditions. When she is not doctoring, she enjoys playing in the gorgeous Colorado outdoors, reading, writing, and puppetry.

Leto Quarles, MD
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